Cable Performance

14 June 2014

Does CAT 6 Cable is Recommended for CCTV? what are Effects Of CAT 6 In CCTV Cameras?

Every Security System Provider is having for the above question in his mind Especially in longer distances. We explain Point By Point

Cable Performance

Most likely you will have disturbance in Horizontal SIGNAL. You will loss 30% of High Frequency data from the camera Due to less Interference shielding.

Cable Life

Indoor Cat 6 Cable is manufactured for use. Copper strand in a CAT 6 Cable will have only light PVC Protection. It will oxidize and rust between the time of Fog or rain. Unlike RG6 is also copper cable But it is covered with Jelly injected foam which act as a Dehydrating agent and prevent copper corrosion

Effect of Life camera

if you are laying CAT 6 Cable COPPER You are Supposed to send power Via Thin Strand of the CAT

You will lose Current AMPS

Most of CCTV Engineers check for 12 V volt only. But amps is most important for camera's Performance and live of cameras. Camera Working on low amps will die in 2 or 3 months.

Most Of Security System Provider's will Quote CAT 6 For Price Conscious and To get Order. But This is a bad approach. This will Ruin the company's name and customer's investment on security System.

What cable to Use for Longer distances?

3 +1 CCTV Cable - 90Meters
RG6 cable -120 Meters
RG11 cable 150meters
Optical fiber-2000 Meters (How it works visit

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